Nadya Suleman feels she's discriminated against for being a single mother


Having now done the math, Nadya Suleman is finally admitting “I was lying to myself” – and that adding eight new babies to her six children at home is an overwhelming experience that makes her life chaotic.

But is she defensive? Not really. “Am I obsessed with children?” Suleman repeats when asked the question in a new interview with RadarOnline. “I’m obsessed with being as good a parent as I possibly can be.”

Suleman also feels she’s being discriminated against for being a single mother. “It’s going to take a long time to prove not only to the world, but to myself, that I can be a very good mother,” she says in the six-minute video, which also features a scene of her introducing new son Isaiah to one of his older sisters.

She also believes that her own mother will come around to her way of thinking, though, for now, Suleman says, “She dismisses, disrespects everything I ever have to say, [and] she doesn’t want anything to do with the babies.”

Suleman blames her mother’s point of view on her own traumatic upbringing in post-War Germany.