Nunzia Design: Working moms rejoice!

The evolution of the diaper bag never ceases to amaze me. When I was pregnant for the first time five short years ago, it seemed like my only options were a) puffy plastic pastel backpack or b) puffy plastic pastel messenger bag. What really frustrated me about having such limited choices was the fact that I was a working mom, and needed a diaper bag that didn’t clash so badly with my work attire. What I needed was a bag with a little sophistication, a little polish — What I needed was Nunzia Design.

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Designer Nancy Ash created Nunzia so that working women and women inacademia could break free of the masculine, generic bags they werepreviously doomed to carry. Her successful line of laptop bags evolvedinto a new product line of ‘bambino bags,’ of which we recently testedtwo — the Cierra and the Brittany (see above, left). If you’re a working mom, these diaper totes are a can’t miss.

The Cierra and Brittany are both good-sized diaper totes at 17x13x5.5 inches and weighing in at 2.5 pounds each. I found that they can easily hold a days worth of diapering essentials with room to spare. The central compartment is spacious and easy to navigate, with four side pockets, and the Cierra’s pale gold wipeable interior is just bright enough to keep smaller items from getting lost. Both the Cierra and the Brittany come complete with an extra-large, coated changing pad that is among the widest I’ve seen — which I love — and a zip-shut "dirty duds pouch" for diaper changes gone wrong. The Cierra has soft double straps; The Brittany has double handles that snap together.

The only drawback from my perspective with both bags is the absence of a pocket specifically designed for bottles. Although they come with coordinating bottle holders, which is a nice touch, I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to fiddle with a zipper. When I need that bottle — I want to reach in the bag and have it at the ready! But that’s really more of a personal preference on my part and I know not everyone feels the same.

The fabric on the Cierra (at right) is camel and dark brown faux leather, with brass brace hardware accents, so it looks as at-home in your office as it does in your nursery. It could easily pass as a laptop bag (and could fit a laptop easily) making it an excellent choice if you need a bag that can pull double-duty, or if you’re just not that into diaper bags per se. The Brittany is black canvas with embroidered pink and blue daisies, making it a nice compromise between the cool sophistication of the Cierra and the over-the-top florals you’ll find on diaper bags elsewhere. It’s a bag that doesn’t scream ‘baby’ to the casual observer … but looks at ease toting all of baby’s stuff, nonetheless.

The Cierra and the Brittany really strike me as laptop bag/diaper bag hybrids, combining the best that both varieties of bags have to offer in one convenient (and pretty!) package. To purchase these bags, or any of Nancy’s other styles, visit Nunzia Design here.

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