By peoplestaff225
Updated January 05, 2009 12:30 PM

Buyer beware! Once your babydaddy gets a gander at Nummies’ sexy nursing bras ($45-58) and matching panties ($15) you could end up with another one on the way. Finally someone’s come up with a pretty, practical, sexy nursing bra and I want one in every color.

I really like the Nummies Fashion bra in black with pink lace because it runs true to size and has an underwire and molded cup. Plus, it’s great looking. It’s not really an everyday bra but I’d have killed for it when I needed something I could wear under a bridesmaid’s dress last summer! The straps convert to a criss-cross back, something I could never find in a nursing bra. Some people can’t wear underwires but, as long as they fit correctly, I’ve never had a problem with them.

The Everyday and Organic styles are very soft with no padding or wires and they’re great for sleeping, but they don’t offer enough support for me. They made me wish for a smaller cup size. Hey, the grass is always greener!

Each style has four hook-and-eye closures and the little slider moves the whole length of the strap, which makes them super adjustable. That’s handy if your cup size changes throughout the day. Nummies bras all feature one-handed cup release and soft, pretty fabrics.

Pros: Great-looking nursing bras with one-handed cup release. I also love that they use realistic models on their website. No stick figures posing as nursing moms here!
The “Fashion” style’s matching panties were kind of shiny polyester, but it’s tough to find bottoms to match nursing tops.

— Kristen