Hardwood floors are lovely. But they’re nothing if not slippery — as my children seem to discover on a daily basis.

With their new Nowali Moccasins ($25) though, it’s looking like slipping is a thing of the past.

Nowali Moccasins, whose little fans include Ruby Maguire and Sasha Schreiber, are easy to put on and they’ll stay on their feet until you want them off.

The soft suede bottoms grip slippery surfaces and the moccasins are super-duper comfy… or so my kids tell me.

Made in Sweden, these machine washable moccasins are available in sizes from 6 months to 6 years.

When Nowali says their moccasins are for happy feet, they aren’t kidding. And I’d say (particularly with all the slips and falls we’re now avoiding) they’re for happy moms and kids, too!

— Stephanie, crunchy, urban Canadian mama to a 4-year-old contrarian son and a 1-year-old philosopher daughter loves all things green, gadgety and glam

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