"It just fulfills me as a person on a different level to have a child," mom of one Noureen DeWulf told PEOPLE Tuesday

By Abby Stern
July 19, 2017 10:55 AM
Michael Kovac/Getty

When your mom is a comedic actress and your father is an NHL player, you’re bound to develop eclectic tastes. And that’s exactly what’s happened with Bodhi Ryan, actress Noureen DeWulf and hockey player Ryan Miller‘s 2-year-old.

“He’s just been in too many Italian restaurants. He loves pasta. When they have octopus on the menu, it’s something easy for him to eat. He just loves it,” Miller, 37, told PEOPLE Tuesday at Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 Celebration at Avenue in Hollywood, California.

While they applaud their toddler’s adventurous eating habits, his parents still want him to enjoy more traditional kid food in addition to his refined tastes.

“I gave [Bodhi] a beef hot dog, and he goes, ‘What is this, Mommy? Grilled octopus?’ ” recalls DeWulf, 33. “I said, ‘No, it’s a beef hot dog.’ “

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“He goes, ‘What is that?’ I said, ‘It’s a beef hot dog, and you’re going to have to learn how to eat out of packaged boxes the way we grew up, eating pizza and McDonald’s,’ ” adds the Anger Management alum with a laugh.

Aside from his foray into fine dining, Bodhi acts like a 2-year-old in all other respects, and is hitting the typical milestones.

“He talks in complete sentences. He’s the love of our life,” DeWulf beams. “It just fulfills me as a person on a different level to have a child, even though it’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

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In addition to talking, Bodhi is also “into sports” according to Miller, a goalie who recently signed with the Anaheim Ducks. And it sounds like this might be an instance of like father, like son — and the proud dad couldn’t be more excited by that idea.

“He loves hockey, and he’s very into any sport he sees,” Miller explains. “It’s fun to watch him do that, because sports meant a lot to me growing up.”

“All my friends, and all my world is formed around sports,” he continues. “So I can relate to that. I’m hoping, because then I can help him along.”