Rumor: Sean Preston Federline's 1st hospital celebration planned ahead of time

According to OK magazine, Sean Preston Federline’s first , which took place in his mother’s hospital recovery room following the birth of his baby brother, Sutton Pierce, was pre-planned.

"They had brought toys and video games to keep him occupied throughout the entire stay, ," an insider said. "On the 14th, for the actual party, they brought in a Disney-themed Cars cake. Everybody sang ‘Happy ‘ while he jumped aorund on the couch, with his grandma Lynne holding on for dear life."

Reportedly Britney rented not only one room for her stint at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, she rented three. The two others were used by her family members, including her mom Lynne and sister Jamie-Lynne. This way the whole family would be there for the birth and Sean’s celebration. It would also enable the family to avoid the paparazzi coming in an out of the hospital.

Kevin’s family was allegedly not allowed to visit or attend the party. But that didn’t prevent them from planning their own celebration with Sean.

"The Federlines have all purchased gifts for Sean Preston, and they are anxious to see the new baby, "The insider says. " Something will be planned for a few weeks out from now that will also include Kevin’s two kids with Shar Jackson."

Sean turned one on September 14th. Baby Sutton was born on the 12th.

Source: OK, October 2, 2006, pg. 24

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