Rumor: K-Fed steps up to the plate?

While Britney Spears is recovering from the September 12th c-section birth of her second son, Sutton Pierce, her husband Kevin Federline has reportedly taken on the role of Mr. Mom. According to OK magazine, a source close to the family says the former backup dancer has had to take on the duties of caring for the couple’s newborn and 1-year-old, Sean Preston.

"Britney pretty much spent the first week home in bed," the insider told the magazine. "The baby spends some of his day in his nursery and some of it with Britney. They have a bassinet on wheels to take him back and forth between the two rooms."

Along with not being able to be too much of a hands-on mom right now, Britney has also chosen not to breastfeed Sutton, which enables Kevin to take on all parental responsibilty, including feeding.

"Britney had a hard time breastfeeding Preston and decided to go right to the bottle with the new baby," says the source.

As for Pierce, as they seem to be calling him, his personality has made it much easier for the family’s adjustment.

"He’s been a fantastic little guy," the insider says. "He’s not fussy, and he’s just like his mom in that he likes to sleep a lot."

Reportedly, big brother Sean Preston hasn’t taken well to his parents having to share their attention with his new sibling or his mothers’ inactivity while she is healing.

"He is very much a mama’s boy," says the family friend. "He constantly wants to be fed by Britney, carried around by Britney, entertained by Britney. She can’t do that right now."

"Sean Preston’s nickname is Wiggleworm because he’s constantly moving… that’s why he fell when his former nanny was trying to get him out of his high chair earlier this year… and Britney isn’t comfortable having him in her bed right now. She’s still coping with the pain of C-section and can’t deal with a toddler jumping around on her. Kevin and Lynne are doing their best to keep him occupied, but he’s fussier than ever."

The couple is also said to be looking for two nannies, one live in and one to come back and forth and help out. They are said to prefer a woman for their live-in nanny.

Source: OK, Oct. 9, 2006, pg. 18

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