Joely Fisher and Motherhood on a TV set

Actress Joely Fisher gave birth to her second daughter, True, less than six months ago, but that hasn’t stopped her from taking the lead role on Fox’s new sitcom, ‘Til Death opposite former Everbody Loves Raymond star Brad Garrett.

"I had True six weeks before we shot the pilot, but it wasn’t tough," she told OK magazine. "On the set of ‘Til Death, I would nurse her-when I wasn’t in a scene, of course and nobody even knew I was doing it. Then I’d walk on set and hop into my role."

However Joely admits there are some days that are harder then others.

"There are times when I want to pull my hair out. Nobody needs to give me any dues for doing this," she said. "I’m doing the best I can. If people are impressed by this, the hell yes. But maybe I’m making a mistake and I should leave my baby at home."

If anybody can relate to being raised on a set, it’s Joely herself. Her family consists of her mother, TV actress Connie Stevens, and her sister actress Tricia Leigh Fisher. She says her father, singer Eddie Fisher was absent in her life.

"This is how I grew up, and I turned out okay," She explained. "Both of my kids [will have been] weaned on set, and that’s just how it is; I don’t think it will detrimental. Either that or they’ll have a life of crime."
Joely has another daughter with her husband of ten years, director Christopher Duddy, 5-year-old Skylar. She says her bosses at Fox make it possible for her to be involved with her children at work through their "tremendous support."

"Mothering is courageous sport, and the fact that I’m able to have my kids at work is amzing," she said. "I have a nursey room next to my dressing room. I have a nanny and alot of friends and family members who help out."

As for whether she will add more children to her family of four, Joely says she’s not really sure yet.

"I was miserable for most of this pregnancy and said ‘I can’t do this again.’ But as soon as Trus arrived, I thought I could do it agin. I’m not sure I could put my body through it again. I want to be doing triple backflips with my kids."

Source: OK, Sept. 18, 2006, pg. 54

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