Halloween Costumes based on your favorite celebrity's kids & their parents

Halloween is here, which brings with it that mad dash to get just the right costume for those seasonal parties and trick-or-treating. And while we look to our favorite celebrities for everything, including gossip and the latest trends, let’s not forget that the way they dress themselves and their children, may provide us with a great way to escape the humdrum of those princess and pirate costumes and a chance to embrace pop culture and try something new.

We recently collaborated with AOL on a celebrity baby Halloween costume (Maddox Jolie-Pitt, to be exact), and we’ve expanded the feature for CBB. Here are a few ideas to get you started in creating a low-cost costume for your own little celebrity baby or kid. But don’t feel you have to be left out, you too can join in on the fun and dress up as one of our favorite celebrity mamas and papas.

1) CoCo Riley Arquette… daughter of power-producing couple David and Courteney Cox-Arquette.
CoCo’s costume needs: a tutu, preferably a pink one, a "magic" wand, a pretty princess tiara, which can be worn over toddler styled leggings (pants) and a screen t-shirt (to jazz it up it can have a cute saying like "Princess" or "Daddy’s Girl")… She would also have on some trendy flat tennis shoes or open-toed sandals (jellied sandals look best), depending on the Halloween weather in your town.

Parents Choice: Your options are really open with CoCo’s family. You can dress as Courteney, whose chic style resembles her popular role as Monica Geller on Friends , or you can dress as David, where really anything goes. He prefers suits pieces that don’t match and an out of place hat every now and then. Go wild! But there’s more… you also have the choice of Medium star, auntie Patricia ( a blonde Bob wig and a business suit will get you started), cross-dressing uncle Alexis, auntie Rosanna, or her A-list, TV/ Movie star godmother Jennifer Aniston.

2) Lourdes Leon… daughter of the one name Pop idol Madonna and her ex Carlos Leon. Stepdad is director Guy Ritchie.
Lourdes’ costume needs: a long dark brown wig to be worn down or in a ballerina’s bun, large hoop earring, long, dark eyelashes if she doesn’t already have them, ballerina flats, a red Kabbalah string, and a kimono type of dress over leggings
Parents Choice: You can go dressed in any one of Madonna’s various transformed styles, from The Material Girl to the oversexed Virgin to the Spiritualistic "Ray of Light," You can pretty much dress any way you want and claim to be Madonna, because believe you me, if there’s one thing Madonna has never shied away from… that is change.
If you want to match, this couple knows all about accentuating each others style, you and your spouse can travel in matching white sweat suits (him with a yarmulke) and red kabbalah bracelets or you two can attend a Halloween party as Madonna-the nun, and Guy-the Preist, much like the actual couple did last year.

3) Ava Phillippe… daughter of Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon and Crash actor Ryan Phillippe.
Ava’s costume needs: A baseball cap or a stylish headband, preferably one with ears, a blonde wig, leggings worn under a modest, yet stylish flare skirt, a print t-shirt or stylish top, some regular, sort of bulky tennis-shoes, and the absolute neccesity: a cute, trendy girl’s purse or tote.

Parents Choice: These acting parents offer a long resume of roles you can choose from if you choose to channel Ava’s folks for this Halloween. You too can take home the Oscar as June Carter from Walk The Line or go pretty in pink as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Dad can go as the confused Crash cop, Tom Hansen, or the meanest boy on campus, Sebastian Valmont in Cruel Intentions.

4) Leni Klum… daughter of uber super model Heidi Klum and musician Seal.
Leni’s costume needs: Star-shaped sunglasses, a jean jacket (rolled at the sleeves) worn over a stylish, hooded, pull-over sweatshirt, a chic pair of jeans, bright tennis-shoes and multiple, colorful hair clips.
Parents Choice: If you’re channeling Heidi in the last few years, a pregnant belly should be the first part of your costume followed by a runway worthy dress that showcasess your multi-million-dollar legs. Add a blonde wig and some stilettos and you’re on your way to becoming the very definition of the hot mama… Heidi Klum! Now for dad, you’ll have to use you imagination, because in the last few years Seal has been photographed as a very publicly doteful dad, rather than your high profile soulful singer. However you can start with a pair of Cargo pants and a sweater.

5) Ryder Russell Robinson… son of Oscar winning actress Kate Hudson and rocker Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes).
Ryder’s costume needs:A long blonde wig, worn down or in a ponytail, athletic tennis shoes or beach sandals, swim trunks or sweats, aprint t-shirt, and a beach pail and shovel. You can put long johns under the swim gear if the weather in you area is too cold. However, if you’re just not feeling the beach boy style, Ryder is often photographed sporting, you can always pull form his heritage as a 3rd generation flower child.
Parents Choice: Mom can pull out her old dresses and boots from the attic and don those old garbs again, or if you’re not quite old enough to have actual clothes from the 70’s, there are always thrift stores or modern day stores that sell bohemian inspired clothing. You can also take on one Kate’s big screen roles as a haunted hospice worker in The Skeleton Key or Almost Famous’s Penny Lane, or my fave, a conniving,yet adorable journalist in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Dad’s wardrobe includes black and boots and leather and oh did we say black? But don’t forget the John Lennon inspired tinted specks and a dark wig and beard. And we can’t forget grand ma-ma and papa, screen legends Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

6)Kingston James McGregor Rossdale… son of multiplatinum singer Gwen Stefani and rocker/actor Gavin Rossdale (Bush).
Ryder’s costume needs:A jamaican rasta knit cap, a print onsie,(it can have a statement on it), casual sweat pants, a colorful sweater, and trendy, name-brand crib shoes ( i.e L.A.M.B shoes).
Parents Choice:Before becoming a mommy or a solo artist, Gwen was known as the hot tomboy lead of the rock group, No Doubt… the one thing about Gwen that hasn’t changed since her days as band leader is her popular sense of style. Wearing a slashed top or courset, pressed gauchos and boots, Gwen lead the way to her acclaimed L.A.M.B. style. Mom, you need Gwen’s signature red lipstick, a Marilyn Monroe inspired, white-blonde wig, an animal print dress and trendy wedges. Or you can always go Japanese, pulling from Gwen’s love of the harijuku girls. Dad can wear a basic cargo jacket, jeans, a sweatshirt, and boots… however Gavin’s signature is his wavy, brown hair.

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