Princess Leonor enjoys first holiday in Majorca

Princess Letizia arrived yesterday to Majorca with baby Leonor, where the King and Queen and her husband Prince Felipe were already, for their summer holidays on the popular island. After landing, the Queen joined them for some shopping in the capital’s most commercial street, where the Princess bought a white hat at Bijou Brigitte, matching the one of her daughter. Photos from the walk are available at Diario de Mallorca (Picture 1 and 2), and El Mundo.

The King and the Prince are competing for the Breitling Saling Trophy as they do every summer. Today as well, Leonor visited her father with Letizia, and both went with the Queen for a walk later o. Leonor had the chance to get into the boat and looked quite curious all the time. ABC, Terra, Reuters have lots of photos of the Princess’ first sea voyage!

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