Norwegian Princes with kids at wedding

Haakon of Norway, together with his wife Mette Marit, Ingrid-Alexandra and Sverre Magnus attended a wedding this weekend. Mette Marit’s brother, Espen Hoiby, married a stewardess, Renate Jonassen in the South of Norway, at the Island of Hidra. The princely family accompained them in such a special moment, that culminated with a boat trip for the newlyweds.

Two absences were evident in the event. Marius, son of Mette Marit, and the groom’s father, weren’t present because of unknown reasons.

Mette Marit chose a Valentino beige dress with a blue ribbon, with matching shoes, and Ingrid was dressed in a very cute light blue dress. You can see pictures of the event at Aftenposten.

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