The Most Savage Nori's Black Book Captions That'll Have You Crying Laughing

The genius mind behind the Nori's Black Book, the notorious North West parody account that roasts the members of the Kardashian/Jenner family, has been revealed to be a fan named Natalie, who started the Instagram account seven years ago. We rounded up our all-time favorite Nori's Black Book posts, because the caption commentary belongs in the Kardashian Hall of Fame

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'It Is What it Is'

Not Northie doing a drive-by flower drop to cheer up Auntie Khloé.

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The Audacity of 'Sam' Not 'Psalm'

She hit Sam with "never change!" like they were high school acquaintances that'll never see each other again.

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TikTok Takedown

Recalling the time when she panicked at the sight of mom Kim trying to dance.

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Prophet Vibes

Khloé's mugshot is the ultimate receipt.

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Coming for the Triplets

North West would never.

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Blame It on the Malikas

Northie will never live down True's turban stage, but it's all love TuTu!

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We Invented That

There's never been a better meme than this, and we'll bet our lives on it.

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She Has Restraint

No need to ruin a good hair day with bad vibes.

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She's Reasonable

Cardi B needs to raise her budget.

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Dealing with Copycats

One commenter wrote, "Chanel vs. Wal-Mart" and we'll leave it at that.

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Too Much Is Never Enough

In Kris we trust.

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Haters Gonna Hate

Northie is never phased.

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Japan, Please Take My Brother

Shipping Sainty off to boarding school in another country is how you eliminate the competition.

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Oh, the Memories

Live it up while you can, Stormi.

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Grab a Name Tag

Throw a problem at her and she'll come up with the best solution.

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Reign, Reign, Go Away

Come again — never.

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