March 30, 2016 10:35 AM

North West is a budding beautician with a total Disney obsession.

The toddler took a stab at executing one of mom Kim Kardashian West‘s totally impressive boxer braid ‘dos on Tuesday, as documented on the reality star’s Snapchat.

Fiddling around with the 35-year-old’s long, dark mane, North reported that she was making an “Anna braid” — referencing the main character in the kids’ movie Frozen (which the 2-year-old is definitely a fan of).

Source: SnapChat

Dressed up — another favorite activity for the little girl — in a lady bug costume, North quickly abandoned her styling attempts to help protect her mother from “skeletons.”

“They’re not scary,” North advised.

Source: Twitter

It appears that North has come around to Snapchat after her initial fear of the app’s crazy filters. Her affinity for matching Mom’s sartorial senses, though, seems to have stayed the same.

— Lindsay Kimble

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