North Carolina Brothers Welcome Babies at Exactly the Same Minute of the Same Day: 'We Hope They Share a Special Bond'

"We had joked about them being born on the same day, but we never imagined this happening," Fawn Thayer tells PEOPLE

Photo: Courtesy Steve Thayer; Courtesy Matt Thayer

Two brothers in North Carolina have taken sibling rivalry to a whole new level!

Steve Thayer, 34, and Matt Thayer, 31, both welcomed babies not just on the same day, but at the exact same time.

Newborn cousins Cassidy Thayer and Benjamin Thayer – who were born at different hospitals – arrived on March 20 at exactly 6:53 p.m.

“We thought we’d have them really close together, but we never thought the same day, let alone the same time!” Matt tells PEOPLE.

As Matt and his wife Brooke celebrated the birth of their first child, a daughter they named Cassidy, they learned Matt’s older brother Steve and his wife Fawn welcomed their third son Benjamin at a hospital 80 miles away. Matt and Brooke were at Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst, while Steve and Fawn went to Duke University Hospital in Durham (both hospitals confirmed the 6:53 p.m. birth time to PEOPLE).

“It was a shock. I was absolutely amazed,” Brooke says. “What are the odds?”

“We were thinking they’d be born a couple days apart, and we had joked about them being born on the same day, but we never imagined this happening,” she continues.

While Brooke had planned to be induced on March 20, Fawn’s original due date wasn’t until March 23. But during a trip to see the Easter Bunny with her two older sons, ages 2 and 5, she began having strong contractions.

“I was having contractions for a couple days, but they started getting closer together, so I thought maybe this was it. I went to the hospital and found out I was already five centimeters!” Fawn says.

Steve immediately texted his parents, who had been at the hospital with Matt and Brooke since 8 a.m., and the brothers continued to update each other via texts to their father until both babies were born that evening.

“My father-in-law asked the nurse what time our baby was born and she said 6:53, and then he texted Steve to ask for his baby’s details – height, weight, length and time of birth – and when he texted back 6:53, he said, ‘You will never guess what time their baby was born!’ ” Brooke says.

The brothers, who have always had a close relationship, are overjoyed that their babies share a special connection.

“We think they’re going to grow up being really close,” says Steve, a telecommunications technician in Mooresville. “

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“It really is kind of special,” adds Matt, who is studying to be a nurse in Fayetteville.

Both brothers are now happily settling into fatherhood – Matt as a first-time dad and Steve as an experienced father of three.

“I love it. I absolutely love it,” Matt shares. “I wouldn’t want anything different.”

Adds Steve, “Our 2-year-old has taken it upon himself to be the official gofer for anything the baby needs, he’s always making sure he’s got a blanket and pacifier, and our oldest is the baby alarm, anytime Benjamin starts to get grouchy or upset, he lets us know Benjamin needs us.”

The two cousins – who even look alike, according to both brothers – came together last Sunday for the first time as both families celebrated Easter.

“The whole family was excited to see both babies,” Matt shares.

And while the newborns were both in the same room at the same time, they haven’t officially met yet.

“Unfortunately, Cassidy was asleep the entire time and then when she finally woke up, Benjamin was asleep,” Steve says with a laugh.

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