Noodle & Boo Ultimate Baby Ointment: The ultimate in skin care for your baby

My daughter got almost nothing from me, but it seems the traits that we do share are the ones I didn’t want her to have. From her stick straight, baby fine hair to her sensitive skin I am truly disappointed that she couldn’t have just had my blue/green eyes and called it a day. But, what is done is done, so now I spend my time trying to find products that will rectify the situation.

My first concern is her poor, delicate skin. Our pediatrician has commented that my daughter has mild eczema on her face and upper arms. I’m actually inclined to believe it’s Keratosis Pilaris, a harmless skin disorder that causes small,acne-like bumps. I’ve had it my whole life and nothing has really made it go away, just lessened it. So when I got the Noodle & Boo Ultimate Baby Ointment ($18) I was very excited to give it a shot.

It’s a bit thicker then a normal lotion, yet applies very easily. I immediately noticed the redness in my daughter’s cheeks diminish a bit and the bumps lessened as the lotion absorbed into the skin. The product is recommended for cradle cap, eczema, and diaper rash as well as cracked, ultra dry, and chapped skin. And, unlike most other pricey lotions, it is fragrance and preservative-free and formulated to be non-allergenic and non-irritating. I apply it to my daughter three times a day, upon waking in the morning and after her nap and after her bath.

Noodle & Boo specialize in baby/child, and even prenatal, skincare for people ultra-sensitive skin. Their products are all gentle and specially formulated to nourish the most special of skin. Check out to see their full skincare lineup and find the right product for your little ones.

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