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Updated August 12, 2008 08:00 AM

TV presenter Davina McCall was recently shocked when someone told her, "I hear you’re expecting." Where’d they get that idea? Her Wikipedia profile! "I was like ‘Right, take that off!," laughs the Brit. Not that a fourth child wouldn’t be welcomed by "glorious accident," but the mum to Holly, 6 ½, Tilly, 4 ½, and Chester, 22 months, believes she and husband Matthew Robertson are "done with babies."

Following the births of her children, the 40-year-old has regained her pre-baby figure, but only after learning much patience! Davina admits, "It’s been the longest, hardest slog to get back to my normal shape after having Chester," and something that she never thought would happen. At one point, Davina was ready to give up, telling her personal trainer, "That’s it, I’m 40 now, my body shape has changed forever," but was told not to worry, that her body would return — but only with time.

Now that she has returned to her ideal weight of 135 lbs, she is most pleased with her stomach, because "it’s my flattest bit and I never thought I’d get it back" after giving birth to Chester. Davina is also baffled with that feature because, "I don’t understand how my skin could stretch that far and then come back to how it is now." Even though the actress is proud of her body, don’t expect to see her posing nude; that is something only her husband would see.

Source: Mirror; Photo by Goff/INF.

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.