In her final blog, Taylor shares her thoughts on welcoming her fourth child - son Rex Harrison arrived on Nov. 16.

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Updated November 30, 2011 08:00 AM

Thanks for welcoming our celebrity blogger Niki Taylor!

Since making her debut on the cover of Seventeen at age 14, Taylor has become one of the industry’s most recognized faces, at one point appearing on six covers in the same month.

After a near-fatal car accident in 2001, Taylor underwent 41 surgeries and multiple blood transfusions during her recovery. Earlier this year, she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, with the American Red Cross as her charity of choice.

Taylor, 36, currently makes her home in Nashville with husband Burney Lamar, daughter Ciel, 2½, and twin sons Jake and Hunter, 16. You can find her on Twitter.

In her final blog, Taylor shares her thoughts on welcoming her fourth child — son Rex Harrison arrived on Nov. 16.

Oh my goodness, a new title: Mother of four. What?! Who, me? Are you serious?!

It’s always that moment as a mom when you think to yourself, “Okay, I have four kids — now what? And who is going to help me figure this all out?”

How do you wrap your head around the fact that God gives you these kids and then sends you on your way home? Where is the instruction book? Where is the help?

I always laugh a bit to myself upon the exit from the hospital as I contemplate that they really just let you walk out with this tiny peanut. Frightening at times!

Bringing Rex home was definitely an adventure, especially with a 2½-year-old big sister who is not used to seeing her doll babies move. Burney and I got quite the laugh when Ciel squealed, “It moved, it moved!” — the “it” would be baby Rex.

We received lots of questions and comments about his name — Rex Harrison Lamar — and I hate to disappoint, but Burney and I just happened to be the second set of parents that liked the two together as a name! So no, he was not named after the actor.

Big brothers Jake and Hunter have already jumped in to help with baby duties and feedings. Hunter is a feeding master and Mom is grateful for the helping hands!

Last week, Grandma and Grandpa Taylor landed in Tennessee for the Thanksgiving holiday, so the house is full of family, love and new life. Not to mention a full pantry, butter, baked goods and a serious calorie run…

Note to self — detox is on my agenda very soon. So good getting it down, so hard getting it off! Thanks Mom!

More seriously, pregnancy and delivery could not have been a bigger blessing. If you are pregnant I highly recommend the Baby Plus system. I am not a paid spokesperson for this product so this is straight from my mommy beliefs.

I just saw such a difference in using it my last two pregnancies, in the baby’s sleeping patterns and their little alertness cycles and I guess I want to give credit where credit is due. I am not a scientist but I really believe in these devices.

If 10 years ago anyone would have told me that today I would be married to the man of my dreams and mothering two more additions to Jake and Hunter, I probably would have laughed. It is amazing that God really does have good plans and I see that in my family, in my marriage and in my children.

What more could a woman want than these things? I am honestly content and blessed beyond words.

I am sorry that my blog time with you all is coming to an end, but I have enjoyed writing to you and talking about Taco Bell, family and raising kids.

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Much love,

— Niki Taylor