November 29, 2010 04:00 PM

Nigel Barker might need to tie on an apron before hosting birthday festivities for son Jack, who turned 5 on Nov. 28, and daughter Jasmine Ines, who turns 2 on Dec. 7.

“I’m actually planning on making their birthday cakes with them,” says the America’s Next Top Model photographer, whose kids with Cristen Chin Barker will be inviting friends over for a cake baking bash. “It may look a bit of a mess, but the kids will have some say so it’ll be fun.”

After comparing prices at a variety of fancy New York City bakeries, Barker, 38, decided that “a custom cake is a little adventurous — but I can probably do this myself for less.”

And which flavor looks to be the front-runner for Jack’s personalized cake? Admits Barker: “He loves just about anything chocolate, to be honest!”

Kenneth Chen


— Thailan Pham

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