Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban trying for a baby on a bus?!

Newlyweds Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are apparently so desperate for a baby and they aren’t going to let his tour get in the way! Nicole is 38 years old and knows that if they wait too long the chance of falling pregnant naturally is decreased, so with Keith starting a tour of America, Nicole has decided to tag along.

A source has told Grazia magazine: "The plan for now, while they are trying, is that Nicole and Keith should not spend a moment apart…everyone knows that they really, really want a baby, and you can’t afford to be apart if you are trying." Keith has had his tour bus fitted out with a bed and kitchen and lounge areas so that Nicole will be comfortable, "She knows that the dream of having a baby is still just within her grasp as long as she seizes the moment. She wants it to happen now, now, now." Nicole has two children, Isabella and Connor, with ex husband Tom Cruise.

Source: Tonight

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