By peoplestaff225
Updated November 27, 2007 04:01 PM

In a two-part interview airing this evening and Wednesday, Nicole Richie, 26, chats with Access Hollywood about her pregnancy, clearing up rumors, describing how the experience has changed her, discussing names and tattoos.

Click below for the highlights and video.

Nicole again confirms that she and boyfriend Joel Madden, 28, do not know the sex of their baby, due in early January — although if she had it her way, that would not be the case!

Another thing the couple is holding off on is tying the knot — Nicole feels it would be too much going on at once.

Nicole tells Access about discovering she was pregnant, and sharing the news with Joel — unfortunately, she had to do it over the phone.

On the topic of names, Nicole and Joel cannot chose.

Both Nicole and Joel are heavy on the tattoos — Access wanted to know what they’ll think if their child wants some as a teenager.

Throughout her pregnancy, family has become extremelyimportant to Nicole — she’s spent time bonding with Joel’s mother andapologized to her own parents for her past transgressions.

Fences seem to be mended, as Nicole reveals that Lionel — who took some time to warm up to the news — doesn’t stop asking about the baby.

One thing Nicole is missing? Sushi.

Click here to watch the video of part 1 of the interview; click here for part 2.