Nicole Richie opens up about her pregnancy

In a two-part interview airing this evening and Wednesday, Nicole Richie, 26, chats with Access Hollywood about her pregnancy, clearing up rumors, describing how the experience has changed her, discussing names and tattoos.

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Nicole again confirms that she and boyfriend Joel Madden, 28, do not know the sex of their baby, due in early January — although if she had it her way, that would not be the case!

We don’t know actually. We’re waiting to find out,which has been a lot harder on me than it has on Joel because I’m sonosy. I like to know everything.

If he wasn’t at every doctor’sappointment, I probably would have found out by now just behind hisback and not told him. But he’s been in the room every time so I haven’t really had a chance to sneak away and ask the doctor!

Another thing the couple is holding off on is tying the knot — Nicole feels it would be too much going on at once.

Eventually, yeah, [we will get married]. Well,look how much has happened this year. I mean, just let me rest a littlebit, you know. I gotta hold something for when I getolder. I can’t have everything happen all in one year.

Nicole tells Access about discovering she was pregnant, and sharing the news with Joel — unfortunately, she had to do it over the phone.

I didn’t believe it. I was in such shock. I tookabout five different tests and then I made my best friendtake a test because I knew she wasn’t and then we compared them. Iwas like, ‘No.’

And then I called Joel, and he kind of knew –- that’swhat is so weird. I told him and he was not surprised at all. His tonedidn’t change one bit. We had to do it over the phonebecause he was in Europe and I was over here. He was so excited right off the bat.

On the topic of names, Nicole and Joel cannot chose.

We can’t agree on one. But I figure I’ll be in the hospital for at least a day, so I’ll figure it out then.

Both Nicole and Joel are heavy on the tattoos — Access wanted to know what they’ll think if their child wants some as a teenager.

I actually have a theory; I think that whether we have, a boy or agirl, they’re going to be so embarrassed of Joel’s tattoos and mytattoos, because I have nine, because you never want to like yourparents. Does that make sense?

[Joel] has sleeves. I really thinkthat they’re going to be embarrassed because he’s their dad, so I havea feeling that they just won’t get them. At least that’s what I hope.

Throughout her pregnancy, family has become extremelyimportant to Nicole — she’s spent time bonding with Joel’s mother andapologized to her own parents for her past transgressions.

When I found out that I was pregnant, there was just something inside of me that felt aresponsibility to mend any issues that I’ve had with my parents in thepast, because, listen, I’ve put them through a lot.

You just want to heal any wounds beforehand, before I become a mother myself.

Fences seem to be mended, as Nicole reveals that Lionel — who took some time to warm up to the news — doesn’t stop asking about the baby.

Of course, a father’s first reaction — he was quiet and didn’t really know what to think. I just said, ‘Okay, sothat’s the news, so call me tomorrow.’ You know, I like to give him aday whenever I give him news. He called me the nextday and was so excited and now he just doesn’t stop.

[The baby] is all he talks about, actually. He has all these names that he’s ready for the baby to call him in substitute of grandpa, because he doesn’t like grandpa.

One thing Nicole is missing? Sushi.

Sushi is the hardest thing I’ve had to give up. It’s my favorite food. I was going maybe four or five nights a week. I cannot wait. I’m so excited.

Source: Access Hollywood

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