Update: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden spotted at The Pump Station


: Joel’s friend, who occasionally gives us some CBB-exclusive updates, had a little more to say.

Nicole is definitely nursing. She’s not sure how longshe plans to do it, but she feels strongly that for now, at least, shewants to do everything to keep Harlow as healthy as possible. Joel toldme that breastfeeding is a lot more complicated thanNicole thought it would be, so that’s probably why they had to stock upon so many supplies!

They are all doing great, and Nicole hasalready lost a lot of her baby weight. (I think you posted thosepictures of the two of them at Benny Medina’s party.)

I’m sure someridiculous rumors are going to start surfacing soon that she’s got aneating disorder, but this is further proof that Nicole is naturallyvery thin, and combined with breastfeeding, her body just seems to wantto drift back to the way it was! She’s eating healthy, and not eventrying to lose weight. The only thing they care about now is Harlow.And trying to sleep every once in a while. 😉

Originally posted January 25th: A CBB reader wrote in earlier this evening to tell us that she spotted new parents Joel Madden, 28, and Nicole Richie, 26, stocking up on nursing supplies — unfortunately, 2-week old daughter Harlow Winter Kate missed the excursion!

I was just at The Pump Station in Santa Monica, CA, a nursing supplies store, and saw Joel Madden and Nicole Richie. They didn’t have Harlow with them, but Nicole looks so amazing! She bought lots of breastfeeding stuff. However, they both looked very tired!

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