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She has been in the business since she was a teenager, but Nicole Kidman is prepared to leave that all behind for the sake of her family.

“I used to have a crazy schedule, but then I reached a point in my life where I didn’t want to live like that anymore,” she tells SHE magazine.

Refusing to be separated from singer Keith Urban for longer than a few days, the actress insists that policy stands true even when it comes to her work commitments.

“I’m not going on location unless we all go together,” she says. “I’ve worked hard enough — and now it’s all about resting and enjoying.”

However, when the couple do find themselves apart, they are always careful to leave behind a few reminders of their love for one another. “Keith and I never text or email — we write letters to each other,” Nicole shares. “We slip them in each other’s luggage and he hides them in my bag, leaves them under my pillow.”

Squeezing in as much family time with their daughter Sunday Rose, 19 months next week, is important for Nicole and Keith. Before the country crooner kicked off his tour last year, the trio — along with a few close friends — rented a villa in Italy for two weeks for a bit of rest and relaxation! “We ate, played music, swam, drove to nearby cities,” she recalls.

The feelings of “bliss” were only temporary! After nearly missing their flight back to the States — and later being stranded on the runway before take-off — Sunday made it quite clear that she was in no mood for their vacation to end.

“We had a nightmare journey home,” Nicole admits. “Sunday screamed all the way home. I walked up and down the aisle with her apologizing, it was awful!”

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Despite noting that Sunday is “not a baby who can sit still for very long,” Nicole is adamant that she won’t turn to medication for help. “I’ve spent so long wanting her that I won’t medicate,” she says after the interviewer suggests giving Sunday Calpol to calm her on future flights. After all, she notes, motherhood is all about embracing the ups and the downs!

“It gets harder and better at the same time. They don’t tell you that — the club,” she notes. “They don’t tell you anything — about the pain, the birth.” For Nicole, having the chance to experience pregnancy and delivery is one she will forever appreciate. Although admittedly “really frightened” at the time, she insists she wouldn’t trade the “magical” experience for anything.

And despite being an on-the-go baby girl, Sunday is making her parents proud when it comes to bedtime. “Sunday sleeps through now,” Nicole reveals. “We got lucky!”

Fortunately, her sleep schedule has made first-time fatherhood a breeze for Keith, who has endured “a lot of firsts” with Nicole! “She’s Keith’s first child — he’s 42 now, and it’s a big thing for a man to get to that age and have a baby — and get married,” she muses.

And while she may be Keith’s first baby, Nicole says welcoming Sunday later in life after also living through motherhood in her 20’s has made it that much more special. “At this stage in life I was ready for her. Ready for this,” she says.

That said, mothering both Sunday and her teenagers — Isabella Jane, 17, and Connor Antony, 15 — simultaneously comes with a whole new set of challenges! “They’re polar opposites,” she confesses. “With Bella, I’m being someone she can confide in, while trying not to tell her what to do. With Sunday, I have to show her, teach her how to do everything … It’s really keeping me on my toes!”

According to Nicole, however, time spent with her older kids is often scheduled into their busy social lives. “[Sunday] is their second baby sister and they’re [17] and [15] only interested in their friends, but they’re good with her,” she laughs.

Parenting both ends of the spectrum at 42-years-old has only further motivated Nicole to strive for longevity in her life. Her goal? To make it to 100 and see Sunday become a mother herself!

“For Bella and Connor I was a young mother — and for Sunday, I’m an older mother,” she explains.

Bella and Connor are Nicole’s children with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Source: SHE; December issue

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