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For many parents, welcoming a new baby — whether it's the first born or the fourth — can be a somewhat daunting task, but when there are twins involved, the work can become overwhelming! After being together for more than fifteen years, Westlife singer Nicky Byrne and his wife Georgina welcomed twin boys and realized their close relationship had become a "different thing altogether." Admitting that "it was tough in the beginning," Georgina — in a new interview with Hello — shares that things are looking up for the happy family. "Now it's chaos, as Nicky says, but good chaos!" While the couple do not hide the fact that their fraternal twins — Rocco Bertie and Jay Nicky, 17 months — are definitely "harder," they say that the added responsibility is equally balanced by the double blessing. Although the boys have reached an age where they are able to "chat to each other and have a real little friendship," Georgina reveals that the built-in playmate has only recently been in their favor.

Nicky and Georgina are more than happy to take both the serene peaceful moments and the chaotic ones with their sons as they recall the twins' unexpected arrival. Born early and spending a month in the hospital, the couple were expecting premature babies, but admit that the eight-week early delivery date "caught us off guard." Once the twins were born, the parents were always "reassured that they were healthy," but were an emotional wreck after their babies were taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. "As a father, I found it very hard to see what Georgina was going through with the babies being taken away to a different part of the hospital. There were a lot of tears," shares Nicky. Between premature twins and watching "such tiny babies wired up in an incubator," the couple — who view the situation as a positive, saying "we gained extra time with them because we had them sooner" — made a mutual decision to forego a nanny in order to make up for their hospital stay. Georgina explains,

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Despite Georgina's dislike of "labeling [the boys] because they change so much every week," the couple admit that their sons certainly have some budding personalities. Jay, who tends to have a "calm character," is "slightly bigger" than his brother, but knows how to be a "little monkey too, with a real sense of humor." Onthe other hand, Rocco — who was the smaller of the babies at birth and received his name because "from the start, he was our little fighter" — definitely has spunk and likes to stay close to his parents, "wanting to hold your hand a lot."

Although the boys were born to a father who is a member of a hit pop group, according to Nicky, there will be no pressure on his end for his children to continue on his legacy in the music world. In fact, Nicky — who once played for Leeds United — says that if Rocco and Jay prefer the soccer field to the stage, he will offer his complete support. While the proud papa may not instill his love of music in his boys, he shares that they will be brought up with a sense of tradition, similar to his own childhood. Growing up with a strict mother and a lenient father, Nicky "was always taught that nobody is any better or worse than you. Others might have more money, but they are no better." Following his parents' example and wanting his own boys to "grow up honest and trustworthy," Nicky believes that the best advice he received as a child was from his father.

Since welcoming their boys, both Nicky and Georgina have realized that quiet time for themselves is more and more infrequent, but with a positive attitude toward their relationship, the pair make an effort to "make time for each other." Hopeful to "take our first short break alone together just before Christmas," the couple are looking forward to adding more children to their family after they get "a lot more sleep first." Says Nicky, "We should not be shying away from adding to the family with two little boys around the house and no girls. I think we need a girl, but whatever God sends us…" In the meantime, the family of four is completely content with their lives together as they are "living the dream." Explains Georgina,

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