"He has me rub his feet," the expectant mom jokes on Live with Kelly

By Rennie Dyball
Updated May 11, 2012 12:40 PM
LIVE! with Kelly

Nick Lachey has promised that he’ll be a hands-on dad, even before his new baby arrives.

That promise extends to pregnancy symptoms, too.

“I’ve been lucky, knock on wood, so far – no morning sickness, no anything,” Vanessa Lachey, 31, said on Live! With Kelly Friday, adding of hubby Nick, 38: “He’s got Pregnancy Dad Syndrome.”

“I’ve read about this,” she continued, “He’s got the cravings, he’s got gas. He’s like, ‘I feel bloated, my back, my feet.’ He’s had me rub his feet!”

“That’s just old age, baby,” Lachey (who’s apparently been craving chili), interjected with a laugh.

So what does the dad-to-be have to say for his pre-baby symptoms?

Joked Nick: “I just want to be part of the experience, too.”