"When it comes time to dress Brooklyn, I still defer to [Vanessa]," the singer tells PEOPLE

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Updated December 03, 2020 01:09 AM
Nick Lachey Vanessa Lachey Welcome Daughter

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Since he and wife Vanessa welcomed daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth in January, Nick Lachey has been cherishing guy time with the couple’s son Camden John.

“It’s definitely all about dude time now,” the VH1 Morning Buzz host, 41, tells PEOPLE.

“Cam and I are out in the yard playing and Mom and Brooklyn are doing what they do — which is a lot of feeding and sleeping … It’s a lot of fun.”

And while Lachey feels “very blessed” to have both a boy and girl — “I can just call off the hunt,” he jokes — it’s taken his 2-year-old son some time to adjust to the new addition.

“He’s starting to warm up to the idea. His initial reaction was put her back, put her back in the belly. I don’t want any part of this,” the dad of two jokes.

“Now he’s realized that she’s here to stay and he’s warming to the idea of someone stealing a little bit of his attention.”

A sign that the tides are turning? “He’s very concerned when she’s crying. He’s like, ‘Baby Brooklyn crying,’ ” Lachey says. “He’s already got the older brother instinct [kicking] in, which is good.”

But Camden isn’t the only one who has had to learn a few lessons since Brooklyn’s arrival.

“When it comes time to dress Brooklyn, I still defer to [Vanessa],” the singer shares. “The whole dressing thing is tough for me with a little girl.”

He adds, “I got a lot to learn about braiding hair and all the things that come into play.”

— Anya Leon