Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots' Sweetest Family Photos

The Broadway star, who died on July 5 after a months-long battle with COVID-19, would have been 42 on Sept. 17, 2020

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In June 2019, the pair celebrated Kloots' due date with one last solo date night out together.

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After a long (56 hour!) labor, Kloots gave birth to the couple's son, Elvis Eduardo Cordero on June 10, 2019.

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"Happiest we've ever been," Kloots captioned a photo of her and her husband looking lovingly at their newborn son. "Time to go home Elvis!"

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Kloots shared a sweet video of Elvis and Cordero enjoying Elvis's first "musical morning" together.

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Days after welcoming Elvis into the world, Cordero celebrated his first Father's Day with his newborn son.

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The family celebrated their first Fourth of July as a family of three in July 2019.

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nick cordero, amanda kloots
Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots with their son Elvis Eduardo. amanda kloots/instagram

Cordero and Kloots looked totally at ease while enjoying a day at the park with their son and two fur babies.

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The pair spent "Sunday funday" with their son in Brooklyn, in August 2019.

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L.A. bound! The family packed up and made the move to California in September 2019 with "7 bags, 2 dogs and a baby," which Kloots described on Instagram as "A LOT."

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The new parents dressed their son as The King himself, Elvis Presley, in October 2019.

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In November 2019, the family of three found their first home together in L.A. on Love Street, which is fitting considering they clearly had a whole lot of love for each other.

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Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots
Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots with their son Elvis Eduardo. Amanda Kloots/instagram

"Our first family photo in our new home, before we start renovations," Kloots captioned a photo of her with Cordero and Elvis in their empty home. "We walked in yesterday for the first time feeling so incredibly grateful. I've been told you never forget your first home. It's where Elvis will take his first steps and say his first words 😭"

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The family got dressed up for Christmas in South Carolina in December 2019, with Cordero sharing that they had "so much to be thankful for" that year.

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nick cordero, amanda kloots
Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots with son Elvis Eduardo. Amanda kloots/instagram

Nearly a month after losing her husband, Kloots opened up in an Instagram post.

"Every day, as I process this loss more and more, I realize new things that are hitting me on a daily basis. Today it was that I lost our family. I lost my husband. Elvis lost his father, but today I realized we lost our family. We didn't really even get to be a family. We won't have those memories that I dreamed of since Elvis was born. This hit me hard. It stung like a horrible bug bite actually. The pain of everything has recently begun to stop me in my tracks. I'll be doing something and I freeze, unable to think or move. My gut aches, it actually aches deeper than I ever knew it could."

She added that she hoped to help others who can relate to her story, writing, " If anyone else feels this pain, you are not alone. Grieving is a journey we all do differently. Talking about it when I have the strength is helping me. I don't always have the strength, sometimes I can't talk at all. There are no answers. There is no right or wrong. I can only allow myself the time and the process and be honest with that."

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After Cordero's passing, Kloots captioned a photo of them on what was the one year anniversary of their move to L.A. She wrote, "One year ago today we moved to California. We were so excited for this new adventure. We had arrived in LA the day before his birthday and thought what a way to kick off your 41st year."

Kloots continued, "I've done this my whole life- I think 'one year ago' or '6 months ago' ... I'm finding that I do it even more now because I can't believe how much can and has changed in just one year. Everything is completely different. My life is so different. Elvis has grown so much and is completely different."

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Kloots captioned a sweet photo of Cordero with Elvis on July 22, 2020, three weeks after his death, "My men in fantasyland one year ago. 💙"

She added, "Hug your loved ones tight and be grateful for everyday. Time is precious."

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As Nick was battling the coronavirus, Kloots shared the last photo that they took together before the 41-year-old got sick, stressing the importance of health precautions and thanking the staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

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Nick Cordero family
Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero with son Elvis Eduardo. Amanda Kloots/Instagram

On Sept. 17, 2020, what would have been her husband's 42nd birthday, Kloots shared photos from the Broadway star's last birthday.

"My angel in heaven is celebrating his birthday today," Kloots began her post. "Happy 42nd Birthday baby 🎊 I bet you're having quite the celebration up there, probably singing to everyone. Elvis and I will be singing here on earth to you ❤️

She shared, "These pics and videos were from our party last year at our friends home in Laurel Canyon. It could not have been a more perfect party for him. He was at his favorite bar with his favorite friends in Laurel Canyon, his dream come true. Right after he blew out his candles I remember him saying, 'Come on! I'm so blessed!'"

She concluded the caption, "I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday 😘"

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