January 10, 2007 04:54 PM

by CBB correspondent Joscelyne

In the February 2007 issue of Essence magazine, actress Nia Long chats it up about motherhood, dating and her budding career.  The guest Boston Legal star speaks in detail with the magazine about her "Superman" son Massai, dating responsibly and what actually happened in the parking lot of LA Mall ‘The Grove’ (Last year, rumors flew that she, along with her significant other engaged in a fist fight with her son’s father, an NFL player, while their son was present.

In addition to talking about life as a single mother, Nia also discusses the importance of healthy communication between parents for the sake of their children.  Nia is most famous for her breakout role in the urban drama Boyz in the Hood, and most recently her guest role on Boston Legal.  In the near future, Nia will star opposite Sandra Bullock in Premonition (due out in March), as well as Are We Done Yet?, a sequel to comedy Are We There Yet? also starring Ice Cube.

Source: Essence

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