"We were like 'What can we do to top our wedding?' I came up with it one morning and I was like 'Let's do Met Gala!' Like why not?" Erica Mena told People CHICA

Love & Hip Hop: New York stars Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels had an “over the top” baby shower.

The newlyweds, who welcomed their first child together — a baby girl on Feb. 3, opened up about their Met Gala-themed baby shower, which featured a wall of pink roses, pink lighting, a pink dress for Mena, 32, and a pink suit for Samuels, 38.

“We are big into fashion,” Mena told People CHICA of herself and her husband.

“When we started dating, we started this whole his & hers furs, and doing whatever to kind of get dressed up and be over the top with each other. So we were like, ‘You know what? When we do our baby shower’ — first of all our wedding was over the top — we were like, ‘What can we do to top our wedding?’ I came up with it one morning and I was like ‘Let’s do Met Gala!’ Like why not? [With] Met Gala people can be creative, go all out, sparkle, glam, pink hair,” Mena said.

While the pink-clad celebration was a dream come true for the couple, Samuels admitted he initially wasn’t too thrilled about one aspect of the party: having to dye his hair pink.

“Usually, I like to take credit for stuff, but you know what I’m not going to lie, I had absolutely nothing to do with this. She came up with everything. Even my hair, she told me to do a pink suit,” Samuels told CHICA.

erica mena
Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena
| Credit: People Chica

“He kind of hates the hair, but happy wife, happy life — right honey?” Mena joked, to which Samuels responded: “Yeah, so happy.”

“I fought him tooth and nail, but I just feel like he’s the guy that can do that, and the pink lighting it’s just perfect. He even fought me with the all pink decor,” Mena said.

Still, Samuels admitted that the celebration came together nicely.

“I’m not mad at all, it’s beautiful,” he told CHICA.

“I won,” Mena said. “He’s happy with everything! So, that’s why we did Met Gala. Long story short, we wanted something where we could be over-the-top, have friends and family be over-the-top with us and celebrate the night. We have a bundle of joy and I’m sure she’s going to be over-the-top, look how her parents are!”

The majority of Samuels and Mena’s relationship has played out in the public eye.

erica mena
Credit: People Chica
erica mena
Credit: People Chica

Mena and Samuels grew close on a reality TV show called Scared Famous and from there, their love blossomed. The couple tied the knot on Oct. 7, 2019. Their nuptials also aired on a season 10 episode of the VH1 series.

“Now, years later, season 10, I get my moment and redemption. I find the love of my life… I get to marry him and now we are starting our blended families. Which goes to show you that you just can’t lose your faith in love,” Mena told CHICA.

The reality star, who starred on Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami as a DASH store employee, is also mom to her 12-year-old son King from a previous relationship.

Mena has kept her son out of the limelight for the most part and revealed to CHICA that she plans to do the same for her newborn baby girl.

erica mena
Credit: People Chica

“Even though we are reality stars, I feel it is important to keep certain things to ourselves. Just like I did with King,” Mena said.

“I just feel like our children should be given the right, once they know better, whether they want to be on TV or put into the limelight. We have the choice. So, I don’t see us putting our daughter on the show. I don’t see us being so adamant out there with posting her every step… I think we’re going to be very strict and selective with what we show with that,” Mena added.

Mena and Samuel announced their baby girl’s arrival on Instagram earlier this month.

“These pass [sic] 24 hrs have been an adventure to say the least!!” Samuels wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of him holding the infant’s tiny hand. “I’m a part of the #girldad club now. Perfection is here.”

“Just here staring at my husband as he obsesses over our daughter. I thank God. I prayed for this life,” Mena captioned a photo of Samuels cradling their baby girl.

The couple have yet to share their daughter’s name.