By peoplestaff225
February 10, 2007 06:43 AM

New photos of the offspring of the Dixie Chicks, have been posted on their MSN Space.

Emily Robison, is married to Charlie Robison and they have three children, Charles Augustus "Gus", 4 and twins, Julianna and Henry, 21 months. This is Gus:

Martie Maguire is married to Gareth Maguire. These are their fraternal twin girls, Eva Ruth and Kathleen "Katie" Emilie, 2 1/2.

The third band member, Natalie Maines is married to Adrian Pasdar and has two sons, Jackson Slade "Slade", 6 next month and Beckett Finn, 2 1/2.

See more photos here.

The girls wear miniBoden’s Simple Top in purple/bright pink spot and seablue/olive spot ($9).

Source: MSN Spaces

Thanks to CBB reader Alicia.