New Mom Poppy Montgomery 'In Love' with Her Son

The Without a Trace star says things like "a bad hair" day no longer seem important

Photo: Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Becoming a mother has completely changed Poppy Montgomery’s priorities, says the Without a Trace star.

“What’s really good is everything that seemed important before, like having a bad hair day, doesn’t seem important anymore,” says the actress, who gave birth to her son Jackson last December. “Oh my God, I’m just in love with [my son].”

Of course, love means never having to say “enough” to an infant – something her boyfriend, and sometime Without a Trace guest star, Adam Kaufman, 34, is great at.

“[Adam] is so hands-on and patient,” says Montgomery, 36. “You have to be with kids, you can’t get frustrated because they want to do something 55 times. You think it’s funny once; they think it’s funny 100 times. [Adam]’s really great that way.”

As for whether the couple will wed anytime soon, the actress says, “As long as we’re healthy and solid and together, I’d have the party, why not? You know, go to Cabo. That would be awesome.”

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