New Mom Bridget Moynahan Speaks Out in Video Clip

The actress teams up with close pal Sam Harris to talk about motherhood

Bridget Moynahan is speaking out following the birth of her baby with quarterback Tom Brady – making a guest appearance in a YouTube clip shot by a celeb pal.

Moynahan, 36, shows up smiling next to her close friend and birth partner, actor and former Star Search champ Sam Harris, on his Web site,

Harris tells the camera (part of his regular “Friend Friday” series): “I was the birth partner for Bridget, and I wiped amniotic fluid from between her legs. It was the most amazing experience ever, ever. You were pretty incredible.”

The actress replies, “So were you.”

“Little John, he’s perfection,” Harris says, to which Moynahan clarifies, “He’s not so little.”

Moynahan split from Brady shortly before announcing her pregnancy. The actress gave birth to baby John last August.

When Harris asks, “What was the most difficult thing about the pregnancy?” Bridget laughs and responds, “What was the most difficult thing about the pregnancy? You know what the most difficult thing about the pregnancy was!” Responds Harris: “Bad question.”

Moynahan clarifies: “It wasn’t difficult at all. I didn’t have any morning sickness, I didn’t have any nausea, I didn’t put on any weight ….”

“There are people who hate you all over the world for that,” adds Harris.

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