February 04, 2013 02:00 PM

Max Greenfield‘s girl is giving new meaning to rock and roll.

For her third birthday on Jan. 27, the New Girl star’s daughter Lily channeled her inner musician for a fun rocker theme — but the inspiration wasn’t exactly what her actor dad expected.

“I’ll put [my radio] on and be like, ‘Hey, do you want to listen to some rock and roll?’ … but her idea of what that is and my idea of what that is are two different things,” Greenfield, 32, jokes during a Monday appearance on Anderson Live.

“She wants to listen to ‘Gangnam Style’ and apparently [it’s] a big hit among 3-year-olds right now.”

Courtesy Anderson Live

His realization that the hit song has truly gone viral even among the kiddie crowds came when Lily’s party guests abandoned the much-loved ball pit to perform their best dance moves.

“Everybody went nuts, it was pandemonium,” Greenfield recalls. “I was standing in the ball pit — because the kids get lost in there and you got to pull them out — and then ‘Gangnam Style’ comes on and they go, ‘Get me out of this ball pit – I gotta dance!'”

But while Lily’s love for the techno tune is strong — she was gifted a shiny pink Gangnam suit courtesy of Cooper and his co-host, PEOPLE StyleWatch contributor Jill Martin — it’s not the only thing that has captured her heart.

“She’s got a couple [of boyfriends],” Greenfield says. “Holt’s her main squeeze — that’s her weekend boyfriend — and then Zach is at school during the week.”

— Anya Leon

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