Features Reminder: Add CBB to Facebook, Put a Photo on Your Comment and More!

Now that we’ve moved to WordPress, we’ve added a few new features to CBB that we’d like to make you aware of (if you haven’t already noticed them yourselves)!

1. Facebook/Digg/Email toolbar — Along the bottom of each story, you’ll now find options to share the post in a number of different ways. If you see a photo you love or can relate to celebrity quote in one of our writeups, it’s easy to pass the link along to a friend or add a favorite image to your Facebook page — just click the appropriate button on the toolbar and you’ll be prompted for the next step. (PS – if you’re on Facebook, please become a fan of the Celebrity Baby Blog!)

2. Subscribe to comments — Ever leave a comment on CBB, only to forget to check back later to see how people responded? Next time you comment on a post you want to keep up with, check the “Notify me of followup comments via email” checkbox below the commenting box before submitting your thoughts. You will receive an email notification every time someone else responds to the post.

3. Add an image to your commenting handle — You may have noticed some readers have photos next to their name when they leave a comment. If this interests you, add your own by following these steps: a) Sign up at Gravatar.com b) Enter your email address and click the link in the email they send c) Follow the directions to create a profile d) Make sure you’re logged in when you comment on CBB for the first time after enabling the feature. From then on your image will automatically appear when your comment is published.

4. Follow us on Twitter — Get our headlines and more on our Twitter feed! Click here to get started.

Enjoy the new features!

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