NPH's Twins Are Not Too Happy After Leprechauns Trash Their House on St. Patrick's Day

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's six-year-old twins Harper and Gideon got the surprise of their lives on St. Patrick's Day, when they woke up to find leprechauns had trashed their house

Photo: Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka‘s 6-year-old twins Harper and Gideon got the surprise of their lives on St. Patrick’s Day, when they woke up to find leprechauns had trashed their house.

The brother-sister duo had been hoping the mystical little fairies would make visit them overnight on St. Patrick’s Day — as they annually do in the Harris/Burtka household for the Irish holiday.

Known for offering gifts in exchange for their freedom, the leprechauns have avoided traps set by Harper and Gideon in previous years. But this year, the twins had a new tactic — leaving a table full of gifts for the Irish myths as a peace-symbol of sorts.

“Preparing for tomorrow morning’s St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun encounter (hopefully),” Harris captioned an Instagram video of the spread — which included overflowing baskets of potatoes, mushrooms, flowers and bottles of whiskey and beer.

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“This year Harper & [Gideon] are offering gifts instead of traps,” he added, as Gideon described the spread. “Fingers crossed that this time tomorrow – we will have us a LEPRECHAUN, y’all!”

Harper and Gideon had even made their own personalized video for the leprechauns — asking for a boy leprechauns and a girl leprechauns to stay behind and gift them gold coins.

“We’re going to treat you well,” Gideon explained. “We’ll keep you away from our dogs.”

“We’re going to make you a bed and make you have room service and you’re going to have potatoes and mushrooms and beer every day if you want,” Harper added. “And whiskey,” Gideon chimed in.

“Each day if we give you a potato a day, would you give us a gold coin a day?” Gideon asked. “We love you!”

Sadly, their pleas went ignored — as they woke up to find the leprechauns had made an Irish exit — taking with them most of the gifts Harper and Gideon had left them.

Toilet paper was strung all over the house and couch cushions were turned upside down too. The dining room table chairs were even stacked all over the stairs case-banister.

Spelled out in potatoes on the floor? A single message: “Never.”

“What the flip?!?” Harris wrote in the gallery showing the damage the leprechauns made. “The Leprechauns trashed our house. Gideon and Harper were far from pleased by all this Irish mischief. Toilet paper everywhere. Cushions upended. Dining room chairs in a pile. iPad taped to the chandelier. Whiskey drank. The rapscallions wrote their response to the kids’ video in potatoes. See for yourself!”

Looks like Harper and Gideon will have to try something else next year!

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