June 25, 2011 05:00 PM

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When Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka found themselves keeping a big secret — they were expecting fraternal twins via a surrogate — the couple never realized their only confidants had some equally exciting news of their own.

“Right before — like a month before — we were going to give birth, we were having dinner with David Furnish, Elton [John‘s] partner, and we were just busting to tell someone,” the How I Met Your Mother star, 38, revealed during a Monday visit to Conan.

“So we leaned over and whispered to him, ‘We have a secret to tell you. We’re expecting twins in October through surrogacy.”

Furnish’s reaction, however, was one neither Harris nor Burtka were expecting.

“He kind of blanched and his eyes got wide and he leaned even closer and said, ‘We haven’t told anyone this, we’re expecting a baby in December!'” Harris recalls. “So it was this great bonding session.”

Naturally, when the actor and Burtka later welcomed Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, now 8 months, and Elton and Furnish welcomed son Zachary Jackson Levon, now 6 months, a play date was immediately put on the agenda.

“First a whole SUV of dudes show up, then Elton shows up. So in our little house in the valley we have dudes with headpieces on kind of patrolling the area,” Harris laughs of the unique set-up.

“But they were super nice inside, they’re incredibly nice, doting dads and super cool people.”

So cool, in fact, that Harris regrets not making them a bigger part of Gideon and Harper’s lives. “I probably should have had them be our godparents … that would have been cool,” he jokes.

“We should have made them godparents then killed ourselves and they would have led an incredible life these kids. They’d have lived on jets. For the sake of the kids I really should have done that! Think of the yachts and the jets.”

— Anya Leon

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