General Hospital‘s Rebecca Herbst‘s babies are growing up, and like many moms, the actress is having a difficult time coping. Her and husband Michael Saucedo‘s youngest child, 5-year-old Ella, will be going into kindergarten this August and the actress admits that she “doesn’t know what I’m going to do with myself.” Rebecca and Michael have even “started to have that conversation about whether we should have more kids” now that Ella and son Ethan, 7 ½, are getting bigger. Deciding against more children for now, the family adopted a new baby — “a 10-week old Shorkie, which is a Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix.” For the time being, the pup is filling the “baby void” that Rebecca is feeling because its needs are close to an infants! “She wakes up in the middle of the night, every two hours,” Rebecca laughs.

While she may not have help with raising the puppy, Rebecca feels lucky that she has had “a lot of help from my family” when it comes to raising Ethan and Ella. “My parents, Debbie and Wayne, and my sister, Jennifer, are instrumental in my children’s lives, which is such a gift,” shares the General Hospital star. She also believes that Michael “is the greatest dad in the world. He is always there for them.” Rebecca relies on all of them for help because “between my work schedule and kids, there’s no consistency in my life.”

Despite the crazy life, Rebecca wouldn’t change it for anything — especially because her kids take time out at random moments to show her how much they love her. “They can be in the middle of karate class and look at me and blow me a kiss,” Rebecca explains. “Just that little acknowledgment, with all their friends around — I live for those moments.”

Some moments, however, make her want to wring her hands! “Ethan is not afraid of anything. When he was about three, he came to me and said, ‘Don’t worry, Mom. I washed all the black off of my hands.'” When she asked him to show her where the black came from, “he took me to the living room and my outlet, and all the way up the wall was completely black. He stuck a paper clip in there. I had all those baby-proof plastic plugs in the outlets, but he unplugged the lamp and stuck it in.” Rebecca just continues to try her best and is thankful that Ella isn’t as curious as her big brother. “If she were that age at the time, she would have told him that he was crazy and she would have come and told me. Typical boy/girl.”

Rebecca and Michael met on the set of General Hospital and have been married since 2001.

Source: Soap Opera Digest, May 12th issue

– Angela