December 29, 2010 04:00 PM


With R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo as her papa, it’s no surprise the singer’s newborn, 6-week-old Madilyn Grace Smith, would have a good ear.

When Ne-Yo, 28, sings to his daughter, “she is not shy about letting me know which [songs] are her favorites,” he laughingly tells PEOPLE.

In fact, she “absolutely loves” a tune that Dad has not yet released. “Sometimes she will fall into those places where she just wants to cry and scream,” explains Ne-Yo. “If all else fails, she will stay quiet for at least long enough to listen to that song.”

Though sleep is scarce in his household at the moment, Ne-Yo isn’t complaining.

“[Madilyn] was a couple months premature so she was at the hospital for a little while,” he says. “But now she is officially home and I’m having a ball and enjoying every second!”

— Jessica Herndon

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