The Tampa Bay Buccaneers player and his wife Katya are currently expecting twins

By Morgan Smith and Benjamin VanHoose
February 02, 2021 03:45 PM
Ndamukong Suh and his Wife Katya
Credit: Agata Rek with One Image Nation

Katya Suh has a lot to be excited about right now.

Not only is she currently pregnant with twins, her first foray into motherhood, but her husband Ndamukong Suh, defensive lineman for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is about to play in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

"To say we are excited is an understatement," Katya tells PEOPLE, sharing exclusive maternity photos. "And for it to be here in Tampa too, is just kind of a whirlwind, to say the least!"

Katya says there was "a lot of screaming and yelling at home" when she watched the Buccaneers win and qualify for Super Bowl LV two weekends ago, and Ndamukong sweetly FaceTimed her to celebrate.

"A beautiful thing that I absolutely love about my husband is he FaceTimed me right away," she recalls. "It was something that I was able to be there with him while he was in that raw emotion of just being so excited and so happy. I still felt like I was there even if I wasn't physically there."

Updating on her pregnancy progress, Katya says she's struggled with morning sickness during a "rough" first trimester. Looking ahead to welcoming her two new additions soon, the mom-to-be says she's eagerly awaiting the "challenges of parenthood."

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Ndamukong Suh's wife
Credit: Agata Rek with One Image Nation

"It might sound a little odd, but I'm looking forward to the challenges of parenthood," she explains. "I think it's such a great thing, in a unique way, of seeing a lot of different couples grow together as you get hit with different adversity. ... You can only prepare so much."

She adds, "I'm excited to really bond and grow with Ndamukong as we raise these two beautiful babies."

Katya says they did find out the sexes of their twins, and they've pretty much settled on names at this point — but don't expect them to divulge as much. "We want to make it a little extra-fun for friends and family, so we're going to wait until they decide to come to the world to share that piece."

Ndamukong and Katya met while at school at the University of Nebraska in 2009 and maintained a close relationship and friendship from there, eventually moving in together in 2018. After becoming engaged in spring 2019, the pair tied the knot in May in what Katya has called a "not-so-traditional COVID sweatpants-and-hoodie Zoom call wedding."

Marking their six-month wedding anniversary in November, Katya wrote on Instagram: "6 months married to my best friend!!! Life with you gets better and better each and every day. Forever with you ❤️"

Expressing excitement about her husband's fast-approaching Super Bowl appearance, she says she will be in attendance for the milestone on their team's home turf.

"I will be there. That's the one thing that he and I have discussed. I've known Ndamukong since college, so this is something that I feel like it's such a life monument, and something that I couldn't miss my best friend having that opportunity and winning that," she says.

"We both agreed that I will be there. I will be there, social distancing, safe, and staying away from as many people as possible, there to cheer him on every second of the game."