"When I reached the final leg of my pregnancy I was ecstatic. I could see the finish line and it felt so good," the actress writes.

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Updated August 06, 2015 04:10 PM

Please welcome our newest celebrity blogger, Naya Rivera!

The actress is most known for playing Santana Lopez on Glee and has also had a role on The Bernie Mac Show.

Rivera, 28, and Justified actor Ryan Dorsey, 32, tied the knot in July 2014 during a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

In February, the couple surprised fans with a special announcement: they’re expecting their first child!

In addition to her personal blog, you can also find the mom-to-be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @NayaRivera.

Marilyn Buissink

After months of changes, anticipation, and excitement it’s finally here — the third trimester!

When I reached the final leg of my pregnancy, I was ecstatic. I could see the finish line and it felt so good. Sure, my back was on fire and I was tipping the scales at numbers I didn’t think I could ever reach, but who cares?! WE’RE ALMOST DONE!

Being in my third trimester means hard work is ahead and every day a new body part aches or seemingly falls apart. But it also comes with its share of really fun and exciting things too.

First on the list was a major baby prep, otherwise known as nesting. This is when your motherly instincts kick into high gear due to a cocktail of hormones causing you to become the master of almost any DIY project. I could be seen carrying almost everything we own out to the street to be thrown away. I needed less clutter and an entirely new decorating scheme, STAT.

I spent days washing everything in the baby’s room and closet, putting together chairs, strollers, and crying to my husband that we needed a new “vision” for the backyard. “I’m thinking one giant pink flamingo in the pool.” (See Instagram post below.) Ryan was great during all of this and even got in on the nesting action himself, taking on a huge re-staining/painting project for our entire backyard.

Courtesy Naya Rivera

Once I came down from my nesting high, I turned my attention to the baby shower. A baby shower is one of those events that a girl dreams about her whole life, or at least I did. The planning of this event was usually fantasized about with my best friend while also planning our future weddings.

“I want to have someone hand deliver the invitation as a message in a bottle … get it?!” We would make lists of who we would invite, and things we would veto. “How do we feel about the game where everyone eats shit (candy) out of a diaper?” Of course times change and I didn’t stick to any of my childhood plans, but instead enlisted the help of a fabulous party planner, Sharon Sacks, and together we planned the most perfect day to celebrate baby Dorsey.

Marilyn Buissink

Marilyn Buissink

Marilyn Buissink

Marilyn Buissink

Marilyn Buissink

Marilyn Buissink

Marilyn Buissink

On a side note, let’s be honest, baby gifts are the best! The absolute overload of cuteness that comes with baby clothes, gear, and toys is enough to make you forget that the heels you’re wearing at the shower are leaving 2-inch deep indents in your skin.

But seriously, I’m so grateful that not only is our baby already surrounded with so much love, but that we are fortunate and able to provide a great life for the little one.

So hats off to all of the strong, powerful women and mothers in the world, baby or no baby, you’re all amazing! And to all my third trimester mamas, we’re almost there!!!

Here are my favorite preggo products I’m loving right now:

— Naya Rivera