Natural Mat's Organic Crib Mattresses

We put so much thought into decorating our baby’s nursery and making it childproof that it can be easy to overlook the place where baby spends most of his time- the crib. If you’re concerned about offgassing of the petroleum-based polyester,nylon and polyurethane foam that makes up most mattresses and looking for a natural alternative, check out Natural Mat. Unlike standard polyurethane babymattresses, Natural Mat‘s crib mattresses are made of natural and organic raw materials and are naturally flame-retardant, contain non-toxic dust-mite resistance, and are completely free of synthetic chemicals and materials.

For the last two months, since we moved her out of her converted crib/toddler bed, Anya has been sleeping on Natural Mat’s twin-size Latex Mat, their most hypo-allergenic mattress. Anya adores the bed and gets jealous when any of her friends try to sit on it. But she probably most enjoys the fact that it’s a "big girl bed" but I can tell she likes it because she settles down very easily. Since her bedtime routine includes our lying down with her till she falls asleep (I know, I know), Josh and I can attest to the bed’s comfort. If we didn’t already have a natural foam mattress for our bed (Sterns & Foster I think), I would ask the company if they could make me a Natural Mat in king size!

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The Latex Mat mattress’ latexis completely natural and is tapped straight from the rubber tree. Thelatex forms a springy core and is sandwiched between layers of organiccoir for extra support. This is then wrapped in the company’s uniquelambswool which is bathed in a mixture made from extracts of lavender,lemon and eucalyptus making it completely anti dust-mite as well asmaintaining the excellent thermal insulating properties of wool. The27” x 52” crib mattress retails for $525. The twin size retails for$999.

They also offer the Coco Mat and Mohair Mat. The Coco Mat is their mostbreathable mattress and ideal for small babies. It’s made from coconutfibers that are coated in natural latex and wrapped with lambswool. Thecrib size retails for $375. The Mohair Mat is their premium mattress,offering a firmer base. The core is made of horsetail hair (the longestand most durable natural fiber in the world), sandwiched between layersof organic coir, and wrapped in mohair fleece. It retails for $625.

All of their mattresses are covered in an unbleached cotton herringbone cover, which isremovable and machine washable. Thecompany also sells an 100% organic cotton bed linen range,which includes unbleached organic cotton sheets and mattress protectors ($70). The sheets are cotton percale ($45) for summer and flannelette ($46) for winter.

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