June 05, 2015 11:00 AM

Nate Berkus and husband Jeremiah Brent are in baby paradise.

The 43-year-old interior designer told PEOPLE on Wednesday at the Up2Us Sports Gala that taking care of their newborn daughter Poppy has been full of new discoveries.

“The truth is we love being parents,” Berkus says. “Yesterday she liked monkey sounds and she smiles and giggles and now she kicks her feet. So it’s really fun and neither of us have ever had more fun.”

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Long before the birth of their baby girl — Poppy was born via surrogate in March — and even before they discovered they would be welcoming a daughter, the couple decided on a name for their first child.

“Jeremiah had a dream that there was a little girl with dirty blonde hair and her name was Poppy. He woke up and he was like, ‘Do you like the name Poppy?’ And I do, so that’s her,” Berkus explains.

“However, I would like to say that both Jamie Oliver, whose daughter’s name is Poppy, and a friend of mine have taken credit for it,” Berkus jokes. “And Jason, who was one of the executive producers on Dream Builders has a 3-year-old named Poppy. He was like, ‘I can’t believe you took the name!’ ”

But the best part about newfound fatherhood?

“It feels like she’s always been there,” Berkus explains. “And that’s a really comfortable place to be.”

— Jessica Fecteau

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