October 13, 2013 06:00 PM

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Being Kimberly Williams-Paisley doesn’t seem half bad these days. Working on a hit network show, mom to two adorable boys — and have you seen her husband?

The Nashville actress, 42 — and wife to country star Brad Paisley, 40 — is cherishing working in the same city as her family.

“It’s been fantastic. A lot of times I’ll take my kids to school and then go to work and that’s just ideal,” she told PEOPLE during a Hershey Moderation Nation event in New York City on Thursday. “It’s a great way to balance everything.”

But she’s not taking it all for granted. “Usually to work I’ll have to go get on a plane and go somewhere, so it’s great to not have to do that,” she explains.

And it doesn’t hurt that when she is working, it’s with talented pals. “This is one of the nicest casts I’ve ever worked with, just very open, welcoming, friendly, people,” she says.

Mixing work and family is also not out of the question. “Connie Britton has become a really good friend,” she shares. “Her little boy Yoby and my kids love to play together, so we get together a lot.”

It seems her two sons Jasper, 4½, and Huck, 6½, are wise beyond their years. “Huck just broke his arm!” the actress says. “He walked into the hospital, they asked him what his name was and he said ‘Brad Paisley.’ “

She jokes, “He knew how he could maybe get their attention and get the best treatment possible.”

Though being Mom is her number one priority, Williams-Paisley is “having a ball” playing Nashville‘s Peggy Kenter. “She makes really bad choices, but she’s madly in love so she’s just got this desperation about her,” the actress says.

So what’s next for her character? “There’s lots of surprises coming up with her,” she reveals. “Everything changes so fast from show-to-show that you just have to watch, because I can’t give anything away.”

— Ana Calderone

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