Naomi Watts Says Life is 'Chaotic,' Contemplates a Third Child

Actress Naomi Watts has babies on the brain! Settling into their life as parents to two boys — Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 18 months, and Samuel ‘Sammy’ Kai, 7 weeks — has been no small feat for Naomi and her fiancé, actor Liev Schreiber, as the two often find themselves multi-tasking. Breastfeeding Sammy, Naomi laughs that they have yet to move past the “period where I’m chasing my toddler whilst feeding my baby. You’re nursing and watching your toddler climbing up on a chair or about to pull himself down on to something and it’s pretty nerve-racking.”

Despite the chaos, it only takes one look at her beautiful baby boy for Naomi — who confesses, “I love babies” — to feel a motherly tug at her heartstrings that leaves her hopeful for a baby girl. “I look at this little baby and even after quite an intense birth — they say you have amnesia as women — I would go a third. It would be nice to have a girl,” says the actress. First, however, she must convince Liev, which from the sound of things, may not be so easy!

“But you should see our house. It’s pretty chaotic right now and I keep making fun of Liev because he keeps walking around going, ‘No more babies, no more babies,’ like Rainman or something. We’ve definitely got our hands full right now.”

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With life on the home front filled with changing diapers and soothing babies and movie opportunities knocking at the door, Naomi finds herself identifying with the community of working moms, as she feels her levels of guilt stretched in all directions. “And what’s hard is — and I think every woman must feel this — you just feel guilty…guilty that you’re not there for the babies enough. And you also feel guilty that you haven’t given your work as much time as you normally do,” admits the actress. The weight on her conscience comes after a hiatus for Naomi, who, for the past few years, has dedicated herself to starting a family. “I have slowed down. Pregnancy and babies tend to do that. The International is the only film I have done since being a mum,” she says, adding,

“Once I met Liev I felt I wanted more time to myself and for us to spend time together and then the pregnancy and the baby. Then last year he was shooting in Australia and I like to be there, and then I got pregnant again. So that’s kind of how things have gone, but now I do feel like I want to work this year.”

Once the 40-year-old does return to work, she has little to worry about when it comes to leaving her boys with their “fantastic father.” Crediting Liev with being an “incredibly hands-on dad,” Naomi shares that the proud papa is utterly “adored” by Sasha. “In fact, when I’m in the room it’s like I don’t exist,” she notes. However, with a rough and tumble father who also takes time out to fulfill his daddy duties, Naomi admits it’s quite obvious why the rambunctious toddler shows favoritism!

“Daddy plays rough-house. I try to, but I’m just not as fun as daddy. But it’s not just the playtime stuff for Liev. It’s changing diapers, he does everything with me.”

The International is in theaters February 13th.

Source: Entertainment Tonight Canada via PEOPLE, The Daily Telegraph

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