No 'squeaky animal' movies for Naomi Watts

Her fellow Aussie and good friend Nicole Kidman is pregnant, and Naomi Watts couldn’t be happier. Having recently welcomed Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 7-months, Naomi says that sharing her first pregnancy with several of her girlfriends who were also pregnant at the same time only heightened the experience.

You end up checking in [with one another]…’What are you feeling?’  ‘Is that part over for you yet?’  ‘What’s the next stage?’  You just want to confer.  Sharing it with friends is great.  And yeah, [Nicole and I] will be checking in.

Naomi and her boyfriend, actor Liev Schreiber, conceived Sasha during the filming of her new movie Funny Games, the 39-year-old actress revealed. The story of a wife and mother taken hostage by two serial killers, Naomi admits that the content isn’t exactly child-friendly, telling Entertainment Tonight,

I will never let my son see this until he is a fully grown adult.  And when he gets to that point, he’ll understand my reasoning behind [taking the role].  And hopefully we’re raising him in a way that he’ll get the intellectual perspective on it.

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Regardless, the decision to accept the role is one she says she stands by — even had she known she was to become a mother before signing on to star in the film. Naomi says that although motherhood is the most important thing in her life, her tastes and interests didn’t instantly change upon giving birth, either.

Being a mom or not being a mom, [the part] had a very powerful effect on me…Now that I’m a mom would I have decided to do it?  I would take extra moments to deliberate on this. 

He’s my life now and I’ll always want to impress him.  But it’s not like I’m going to suddenly only start doing movies about tiny squeaky animals.  I love my work and it means something to me.  And hopefully he’ll understand it and it will mean something to him, as well.

Funny Games hits theaters on March 14.

Source: ET Online

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