Naomi Watts says Sasha still not sleeping through the night

Being mom to 7-month-old Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete is "total euphoria," Naomi Watts tells Entertainment Tonight, for her son is "a true joy, everyday." Regardless of Sasha’s pleasant demeanor, however, Naomi admits that motherhood was still "harder" than she thought it would be. The biggest surprise? Lack of sleep — a situation that she and Sasha’s dad Liev Schreiber are still struggling with, for their baby is yet to sleep through the night.

When she signed on to shoot her new film The International, the 39-year-old actress was still pregnant; The schedule was pushed back as far as possible to accommodate Sasha’s birth and producers hired Naomi a personal trainer to help her regain her pre-baby physique. But besides the workout regimen, Naomi credits nursing as a big contributor to her postpartum weightloss.

Three weeks before we started filming I decided that I better get into, you know, changing my body back again.  And they gave me a trainer and it was very effective.  And also breastfeeding.  That’s how you drop weight.  Even though you’re just eating all the time … He’s eating (too).

The International is due in theaters this August.

Source: ET Online

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