Naomi Watts on obsessions, Liev, and being an 'older' mom

Naomi Watts appears on the March cover of Glamour magazine in promotion of her latest film, Funny Games. In the accompanying interview, the 39-year-old actress and new mom dishes about life with fiancé Liev Schreiber and their son, Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 6 months.

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On how she and Liev met:

Friends had been trying to hook us up foryears, but the timing was never right. Then I ran into him at theMetropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute gala [in 2005], and wespent the whole night talking and flirting.

At some point I thought,This night’s going to end and I might never see him again. So I said,in a cheeky way, “Don’t you want my digits?”

I can’t tell you why; inthe past, I would never have done that. If I was even remotelyinterested in a guy, I would ask for his number first. That way, Icould find out more about him on my terms.

Literally, within secondsafter [Liev] left, he texted me his number. I think he liked that I wasa bit aggressive.

On being together as much as possible:

So far, we’ve been quite lucky: We’re coming upon three years together and we’ve only spent three weeks apart at themost.

All throughout the pregnancy, Liev was here doing a play, andonce the baby was born, we all went to Lithuania while he filmed [theupcoming film] ‘Defiance.’

On the daily paparazzi shots during her pregnancy:

There was a different one [in the tabloids]every day. And since I’ve had the baby, it has continued: They want theshot of the baby in the stroller. It’s so embarrassing. Theyblock the sidewalk and get in people’s way, and everyone is saying,“Who are they photographing?” Meanwhile, no one recognizes me unlessthey’re around!

Especially when I was pregnant, I really picked on thefemale paparazzi, because I felt like they should have had more of aconscience about [what they were doing]. 

I don’t know how they manage to get a single shot with someonesmiling, because they make you so tense — particularly when you’ve got ababy with you. It makes me not want to go out. But I refuse to be held hostage in my home.

On motherhood:

Unpredictable. Draining. Euphoria. Very, very powerful. Unbelievable surprises and fatigue. [Laughs.]

On having a child in her late 30s:

Well, for one thing, picking him up off of the ground 20 times is different when you hear your knees cracking! [Laughs.]

Having a child later in life is interesting. From an intellectual pointof view, you’ve had a lot of time to do research and figure out how youwant to raise him. But there is also something to be said about havinga child in your early twenties, when you’re just operating on instinct.

My mother had my brother and me when she was 19 and 20. Obviously we’rethe best things that happened to her, but she had plans and dreams shenever got to fulfill. So I don’t have that feeling of, what am I givingup?

On things she wishes were different (or weren’t):

I wish [success] had come earlier, that Ihadn’t struggled for so long. But then it would have all beendifferent, and maybe I wouldn’t have taken the path that I did. Maybe Iwouldn’t have met Liev. So I believe I’m very fortunate the way thingsworked out.

I do want more children. I haven’t got too many yearsleft! I might not get the large brood that I’ve hoped for, but it wouldbe great to give Sasha a sibling.

On if that big rock means she and Liev are engaged:

[Holds hand up and smiles.] Yes — we have been for a while. But we don’t talk about weddings [to the press]. We’ll see what happens. We’re committed.

Her current obsession:

Right now it’s breast milk: Have I got enough? What if he’s hungry? Has he pooped enough? My obsessions these days aren’t very ‘Glamour!’

On sleep:

Ridiculous lack of sleep. I haven’t had an eight-hour stretch in five months. The most I’ve gotten is about six hours.

On where she sees herself in 10 years:

I’d like to have a second child, maybe even athird. Career-wise, I would like to be doing one film a year, playinggreat character roles. I feel like I’ll always want to continue towork, because I love what I do.

I’m not as anxious about everythinggoing away anymore, and even if things do slow down, that’s fine withme. Sasha takes up all my energy — and I love that.

Source: Glamour, March issue.
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