Naomi Campbell Returns to the Catwalk for Versace Show 4 Months After Welcoming Daughter

For the show, Naomi Campbell sported a hot pink power suit with a neon orange top and white heels

Naomi Campbell is back on the catwalk!

The supermodel, 51, returned to the runway for the Versace show at Milan Fashion Week on Friday, four months after revealing that she'd welcomed a daughter.

Campbell sported a hot pink power suit with a neon orange top and white heels as she walked in the show, which was opened and closed by Dua Lipa.

Naomi Campbell
Zunino Celotto/Getty

The fashion icon previously opened up about the sacrifices she's made in her life to support her fast-paced, jet-setter lifestyle.

"I'd say the sacrifice is really finding that soul mate who will understand you," Campbell said in an interview with The Cut. "It's really like you feel if they look at you as if you're strong … you know, I'm strong, but I'm also sensitive. I know that in relationships I have to compromise."

Naomi Campbell
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These days, being surrounded by "loved ones" is a top priority for Campbell.

"I'm not out here on my own," she said. "It's simple, and it's small. To be with your loved ones who just want to enjoy the quality time. I want my friends to flourish. You want to protect those you love. And most importantly, when I reach out to people, and I need help and understanding and guidance, it's important for me to remember to say 'Thank you.' Almost like a threat — 'You never know when you may need that person to help you again or guide you.'"

Earlier this year, the supermodel surprised fans when she revealed that she welcomed a daughter.

"A beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother," Campbell announced on Instagram. "So honoured to have this gentle soul in my life there are no words to describe the lifelong bond that I now share with you my angel. There is no greater love."

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