Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, Connie Simpson has been in childcare for more than 30 years, nabbing celebrity clients like Emily Blunt and Justin Timberlake

By Jen Juneau
June 29, 2017 02:25 PM

The name Connie Simpson doesn’t ring any instant bells — yet — but the woman who bears it is a lot more high-profile than her demeanor would let on.

Known as “Nanny Connie” to her clients, the 30-plus-year childcare veteran from Mobile, Alabama, has worked with celebrity parents like John Krasinksi, Emily Blunt, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

“[Parenting]’s life greatest equalizer,” Biel, 35, says in a video for Simpson’s new JBTP (“Just Be The Parent”) media campaign. “Doesn’t matter where you’re from, how much you make, what you do … you are grounded to every other parent on this planet.”

Agrees Timberlake, 36, who shares 2-year-old son Silas Randall with wife Biel, “It’s very connecting.”

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According to Simpson, she has taken care of “257 babies and counting” over her three-decade career, but childcare itself is only one of her talents when it comes to parenting.

“What I’ve noticed over the years is that new parents are nervous and need someone to guide them,” she explains.

” ‘Nanny Connie’ is a title; I feel that I am more of a life coach,” Simpson continues. “I’m a family coach. I’m all about the nucleus of the family, and being together.”

Actress Blunt may be taking on the role of Mary Poppins this year, but in real life, she and husband Krasinski — parents to daughters Violet, 1, and Hazel, 3 — call in their own reinforcements in the form of Nanny Connie.

“Sometimes there’s so much noise coming at mothers from the internet: how to raise a baby, how to sleep train a baby, what you need. How do you navigate that?” says Blunt, 34.

“There are very few people humans get to say changed their lives,” Krasinski, 37, chimes in, telling Simpson, “You changed our lives.”

Simpson is now dedicated to spreading her family-focused, communal message to parents from all walks of life, insisting that parenting “is all about the growth of you.”

“My first part of my life, it was to the 1 percent club,” says the pro, who has also worked with Matt Damon, Brooke Shields and Alfonso Ribeiro. “But this time, we’re gonna talk to every parent that we can talk to through the internet, video stations, doing seminars — whatever I can do to put myself out there.”

Continues Simpson, “I want it to be a safe environment that they can come to and get information [as opposed] to getting bogus information.”

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One of Simpson’s first lessons? “Being a parent is not easy.”

“It’s gonna take a lot from you, it’s gonna be a lot of sleepless nights, and the reward is gonna be unbelievable,” she addresses a group of women in the JBTP video.

“This is a lifetime commitment, so what I have left in my life, I’m committing it to helping all mothers,” she tells the camera.