CBB Reviewer Nancy shares a typical day in the life. She and I met when our kids were 3 and 4 months old in a mother's group.


I love reviewing products for CBB and often utilize my family for input. I post three reviews a week, but seem to work everyday (I also write the CBB Highlights Newsletter on Sundays and Mondays). I usually work at my dining room table.

In the morning, while my toddler is playing and the baby is hopefully content, I grab a few minutes here and there to read emails from my editor Bronwyn and contact vendors about testing products. Then I try to pick one product to work on for the day, whether it's rain boots, clothing, a stroller, or diaper bag. When we go out for a couple of hours, the product comes with us and we test it out.


When I test strollers, my father-in-law helps me put them together. I want to see how it how it functions on trips to the park on foot and after a ride in the car to a store. After that, I always enlist my very tall father-in-law to take it out for a test drive to the park to get his perspective.

I work on writing the reviews during my toddler's 2.5-3 hour afternoon nap and he's asleep for the night. Since the baby has no regular naps or bedtime yet, she's often strapped to me while I write.

Photos: Ben at work at Mommy's desk/dining table and baby Allegra test-driving phil&teds Sport Stroller.

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