Nancy O'Dell Opens Up About Miscarriage in New Book

Nancy O’Dell reveals in her new book, Full of Life Mom-to-Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant, that prior to welcoming daughter Ashby Grace, 22 months, she suffered a miscarriage.

The experience was eye-opening for the 43-year-old Access Hollywood host not only because it alerted her to a potential fertility problem, but also because she learned that miscarriage happens far more frequently — ending approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies — than she thought. “It’s like this little secret society,” Nancy says. “Nobody really talks about it because it’s just not something that’s pleasant to talk about.” She recalls,

“My doctor told me to look at the positive side. He said it meant I could get pregnant easily. I think the way my doctor phrased it was, ‘It means your plumbing is working.’ It didn’t help with the loss, because the loss was definitely still there, but it definitely made me feel like I wish I had known it was that common because I wouldn’t have gone through that anguish of thinking that I had something wrong with me or that I couldn’t get pregnant again.”

Nancy’s motivation to share her story — along with countless tips and anecdotes — rests with her desire to spare other expectant moms from the many moments she found herself thinking “Why didn’t y’all tell me that?” while pregnant with Ashby. “There were just so many things that came as a complete surprise to me that I wish someone had given me a heads up about,” she says. “Even though it is all so worth it, the things that happen with pregnancy can be shocking, scary and embarrassing.”

Her advice? Pre-register if you plan to pursue a hospital birth, avoid foot massages which can trigger labor, and be proactive about getting help with breastfeeding — the difficulty of which Nancy says left her “completely floored.”

“Nursing is complicated. I literally thought I would take my baby and I would hold her in a cradle position and I would put her on my breast and it would be all nature and instinct and it’s not. The baby doesn’t immediately take… So the vitally important tip is to get a lactation consultant before you give birth.”

Ashby is the first child for Nancy and her husband Keith Zubchevich, who is also dad to sons Tyler, 13,and Carson, 9. Full of Life is available in bookstores now.

Source: Access Hollywood

— Missy

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